Prague Code Camp, September 18-21, 2012

Meeting info:

The meeting will be held at CTU in building G, room 205.

Directions and local maps

Recommended accomodation

We will start on Thusday (Sep 18) in the morning (9:30). The expected end of the meeting is on Friday at 14:00.

Refreshment (on site):

10:30-11:00 coffee break

12:15-13:15 lunch

15:30-16:00 coffee break


Tuesday (all day, start at 9:30)

  • Synchronized AV recording and replay tutorial (RSBag tools) (2h)
  • Component Session (3h)
    • What components are already there, what state are they in, what’s missing for integrating them in a larger system
    • Discussion of Person Manager Component (API)

Wednesday (all day)

  • ALD Updates
    • What’s new in 1.14 ALD release  (45’)
  • BIU Architecture Session (2h)
    • what’s new in the architecture RSB, RST etc.,
    • getting the sources from GIT
    • “How to version software?”
    • help with upgrading to the new RSB version and making it builds and work
    • check nao rsb / 1.14 compatibility
  • Demonstrator discussion, integration discussion (3h)

Thursday (all day)

  • coding
    • try the components that are ready now together? (navigation+cognition)

Friday (morning)

  • close up

Agenda in a shared Google document

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