This data set is comprised of robot sensor, ground truth and system-level data which we have recorded at the end of year 2 of the HUMAVIPS project. In this data set we address human-robot interaction issues by choosing a natural interaction scenario inspired from conversational analysis and by recording data in a whole-system approach including many internals of the robot NAO, the target platform of the HUMAVIPS project.

The scenario for this dataset is that of a small vernissage through which visitors are guided by a humanoid robot. After explaining several paintings to the visitors, the robot started a quiz by asking several questions to the visitors.

  • Detailed descriptions of the scenarios and technical facts can be found in deliverable¬†D1.3 and D1.4.
  • A description of the general recording approach can be found in this paper.
  • The VERNISSAGE corpus is publicly available at:¬†

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