Deliverable 7.4

Deliverable 7.4: Third (final) project demonstrator

To demonstrate the achievements of HUMAVIPS we have decided to continue with the scenario introduced in the second year of the project, termed the “Vernissage” scenario. In this scenario NAO acts as a guide robot in a small art gallery taking care of a corner of the room where several paintings are exhibited. The robot is waiting in front of the paintings, being aware of the visitors in the room.

Based on the appropriateness given the current situation either the robots takes the initiative to give explanations for some paintings or NAO waits until being addressed by visitors. This decision, as well as keeping up the ongoing conversation, requires good knowledge about the people and their state inside the scene. Besides being able to focus on single persons, we have specifically chosen this scenario as it allows demonstrating the robot’s ability to understand group constellations and react appropriately when multiple people are interacting with the robot.

The targeted scenario has been described in details in the deliverable 5.1 “Scenario and detailed specification of M36 demonstrator”. In this present document we will briefly describe what will be finally implemented for the demonstration that will be presented during the final review of the project taking into account the achievement of the development and the improvement of the scenario we propose.  The actual deliverable will be the demonstration itself.

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