Outstanding Paper Award at ICMI’11

The article “Finding Audio-Visual Events in Informal Social Gatherings” received the “Outstanding Paper Award” (best paper) at the IEEE/ACM 13th International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI’11), Alicante, Spain, November 2011. The paper is authored by Xavi Alameda-Pineda (INRIA), Vasil Khalidov (IDIAP), Radu Horaud (INRIA) and Florence Forbes (INRIA).

The paper addresses the problem of detecting and localizing audio-visual events (such as people) in a complex/cluttered scenario such as a cocktail party. This paper is addressing one of the core problems associated with robust interactions between a robot and a group of people.

The paper can be downloaded here: Finding Audio-Visual Events in Informal Social Gatherings

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